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The foundation is managed by Board of Governors through the following objectives:

  • To provide students and community with a broad and balanced Islamic and western education.
  • To inculcate Allah's consciousness and sincerity through Islamic values.
  • To help students and communities develop their Tarbiyah by teaching them the basis of aqaaid (faith), aklaaq (moral) and their ibadaats (worships).
  • To provide an ideal environment for a high standards of Islamic and academic education to be achieved.



  • Service:
    • Our endeavor is service to Allah SWT in all policies.
  • Respect for people:
    • Demonstrate respect by educating/developing our people and helping them get and achieve high performance standards, through team work;
    • Reward performance and celebrate success;
    • Treat all people with dignity, empathy of courtesy;
  • Integrity:
    • Work the take;
    • Honesty and Transparency in our dealing;
  • Sense of Urgency:
    • Strive for speed and simplicity in everything we do;
    • Focus on delivery once promised;
  • Creativity:
    • Restless with the status quo;
    • Think out of the box;
    • Seek out and adopt best practices;
  • Courage:
    • Face reality, make timely difficult decisions, and follow through on them;
    • Set demanding targets and standard for ourselves and others;



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